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 Hi everyone,

Here is a public tributes page to Mum, if you want to leave something which I will eventually give to Dad, please leave your thoughts. Click on the "Add new comment" below.



Ben, with great sadness we heard of Lyn passing away. You've both been a huge influence in our lives - We'll always remember Lyn's constant friendship and smiles. Cliff and Jenni Warne

How we have loved you both and remember Lyn from back before the 'Ben' days. Our prayers will continue. Hugs. graham and Billie

Uncle Ben thanks for the phone call the other night. Im glad I put a smile on Aunty Lyn's face in her last few weeks. I feel like I have lost a mum again. Aunty Lyn thanks for all the memories. Thanks for all your love. Thanks for your teachings and helping us all get closer to the Lord Jesus. I will miss you. You helped me become the person I am and I thank you for that. I love you Uncle Ben. All my love to you and the family. Sorry I will miss the celebration of Aunty Lyn's life. I will be coming to NZ in the new year and hopefully make my way down to Huntly. Love Jayne MacQuarie (Lo Tam)

To Ben & Family. Lyn will be dearly missed, but never forgotten by many people. Such a beautiful caring lady. She is an ongoing inspiration to many. Her smile will be greatly missed. You could truely see Gods love shinning through her. Lyn is now free from pain and with her Saviour whom she loved dearly. You are all very much in our prayers. Catherine & John

My dearest Aunty lynn Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou "Thankyou for Giving to the Lord I am Life that was changed "Thankyou for Giving to the Lord I am so Glad you gave Thankyou for your labour of love @ CYC Thankyou for being a mother, a counsellor, a friend an encourager,A women of Integrity, A Godly Mentor and Jesus in Skin. We are better people for knowing you Aunty Lynn Thankyou for being a awesome teacher in the things of God Our Loss and Gods gain Well done Though Good and faithful servant. Buckets of Love Matty

Thankyou for giving of your life for Gods work, Thousands of lives have been changed because of it. "Thankyou for giving to the Lord I am a life that was changed "Thankyou for giving to the Lord I am so glad you gave. Your Something Special In His Eyes God sent His son so you'd realise That His love for you is True Your Something Special In His Eyes Your Something Special In His Eyes He won the fight and you were the Prize He gave His life to set you Free Your Something Special in His Eyes Your Something Special in His Eyes Your Something Special in His Eyes You are So Special to us Aunty Lynn I am a better person for knowing you. Love you Heaps Matty Love you so much Uncle Ben xx

What an honour it has been to know the both of you. Ben I am so sorry that you have had to say good bye to Lyn. You have both had such a huge impact on me. You played such a large part in the early years of my life and of my coming to faith in our Lord Jesus. Without Lyn and yourself I would not be the man I am today nor would I have the family God has blessed me with. As you did for so many, you both helped fill the gaps in my life where even good parents had missed some things. I think even after these many years I have still received more hugs and encouragement from the two of you than my own parents and I am forever grateful.I still remember the lovely way that you and Lyn interacted together as a couple and wanted that for my own marrige and have since been blessed to find that in my own life. And then only a few years ago to have you both walk through the doors one night when I was preaching in Huntly, I could not have been more honoured if the Queen and Prince Phillip had walked in the door. I thank God for the faithfulness of you both as you served our Lord together and I know He will continue to be faithfull to you as you continue on. May God bless you always. Steven Miers

As early as I can remember your family has been spreading Gods word and changing peoples live. CYC has been a sanctuary where I have met some awesome people. I'll never forget Aunty Lyn's Storys with the Flanelgraph and her awesome songs. I understand that it is sad for all of us here who won't see her for a while, but I can't help but get excited for Christians who finally go to see the Lord, where every tear will be wiped away. We will all miss here but remember its only for while! My prayers go out to you guys! James Dean

I am very sorry to hear yesterday of Lyn's illness and passing. Some people leave a lasting impression on your life and Lyn was very much one of these special people. She will always be remembered. Kia kaha xo Yvonne Keelty-Hall

At times like this it is so easy to feel the sense of loss of Lyn no longer being with us, and I too am feeling that, but I also feel that Lyn's life should be remembered and celebrated. Her generosity, commitment, caring, concern, giving, happiness, joy, faith and, above all, love, have touched so many over the years. It would be impossible to count the number of meals she has cooked, the number of hugs she gave, the numbers of lives she touched. "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'" With love Glenn Keelty

"Arise my Love, my Fair One, and come away, for the winter is over, and the rain is past and gone. Oh, arise, and come away." (Song of Solomon) Dear Ben, your beautiful precious wife has been called home and our hearts go out to you and all your family who remain. Of all the women I know in the world, there are very few who are truly godly, and whose lives shine forth purity and such love and grace. Lyn was my most shining example of a virtuous Christian woman, full of wisdom and grace. I loved her so very dearly, and my heart aches so much that we all must now live without her presence with us. Of course you will feel this most of all; please know we will be praying for you, and we have been praying for you all so much lately. And to Shane and Michelle, Alana, Jaime and Carl, Cherie and Jeremy, Jabin and Carmen, Craig and Edelweiss and Ethan, Darren and Anna, you have lost the most wonderful mother, mother in law and grandmother one could ever hope for. My heart aches for you all, and even though I won't be able to be present with you at the service, I will be thinking of you all very much, and only wish I could be there. much love, Esther

It is with deep sadness that I heard of Lyn's passing. Lyn was a real saint,always totally composed. God blessed her with a great measure of grace and reflected the woman of Proverbs 31:30...a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. To Ben, Shane & Michelle,Craig & Edelweiss,Jeremy & Cherie, Darren & Anna and all the childen/grandchildren our (Trevor & Susan) thoughts and prayers are with you all. We take great comfort in the knowledge that in the light of eternity we shall soon join with Lyn around the throne worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ who has saved us from our sins. This is truly our hope and comfort. Trevor Keam

Just wrote to you 'Uncle' Ben asking when it would suit to come and visit. Sorry I missed that opportunity. You both have been such wonderful stewards for our God. So many happy memories of you both and the rest of family. May you especially feel Gods loving arms around you. Lots of love Claire Jones (nee Duncanson)

So sorry to hear the news. Our thoughts & prays are with you all. Aunty Lyn is now with Jesus whom she loved & served during her time here with us. Memories are forever & camp is often remembered when things get tough for us. Thanks for the memories & teachings over the years. Lov Julia Tamihana (nee Turner) & Melissa Froggatt (nee Turner)

Dear Ben, It was with a real sense of sadness that I learned tonight of the passing of your soulmate and wife Lyn. Much can and will be said in tributes to Lyn on this page and at the Service.But you know it all.Nevertheless you are so brave in yielding up your loved one to the presence of Jesus.And through all this sorrow and grief we pray that you will know the strength of the Lord within yourself and for the family. Deepest sympathy.Be assured of our loving prayerful support for you all. Yours Selwyn Hooker

Hi "Uncle" Ben, we're so sad to hear the news... We'll be praying for you, that you may find comfort in the loving embrace of Jesus. He will carry you through this. One of my favorite memories of Lyn are sitting at the table in your dinning room at CYC having a cup of tea and talking about what God is doing... How wonderful for her that she can now hang out in the Heavenly places and SEE what He is doing! She will be missed. Love from the Quicks in NY (Mark and Elaine, and baby Jasmine)

uncle ben,shane,craig,cherie and darren words are inadequate and i am further away than ever to give the hugs that I want to. We all have a gaping hole in our hearts, but Aunty Lyn is with her Prince of Peace. We love you all from Sharon , Mark and the boys.

Whenever I am asked to name places and people of influence in my life CYC is high up on that list. Memories of Lyn taking the Bible times, the flannelgraphs, the action songs...her encouraging words and the way she made you feel special immediately spring to mind. Heaven is a richer place and has an extra sparkle with Lyn now there. Thinking of you all as a family and praying that Friday is a wonderful celebration of a very very special lady. with much love Sue Hermo (Langridge)

Lyn was sweetness itself, loving and caring for so many people,and industrious and faithful. A living example of Proverbs 31. We will remember you with gratitude in our hearts to God. Graham and Pat Tucker

Dear Ben and Your Beautiful Family, As I read all the tributes and see all the Beautiful thoughts in each one, They are mine as well and know How many lives She has touched . I live in California and thru my Son Dave and his wife Celeste, I was Blessed with a Special Friendship I found in Lyn and Ben as they came for a visit. Her Light shined in whatever she did, I could see JESUS SHINE thru her Always in her words and deeds. What a Very Special Lady whom I will never forget ! I was Blessed to be with them at my Grandson's wedding in December . I always felt a Special Bond with Lyn even though few visits , each one was Special ! She touched my life Her special Warmth , Thank you Lyn, I will never forget you, Now you are in a beautiful place . with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ! My Heart and Prayers go out to all of you. Love, Christine Smith

Lyn has run her race with fortitude and faith and is an awesome example to us all.

Dear Ben & all the Family, I am writing this from myself & also on behalf of my daughters, Andrea, Rebecca & Kathryn who send their condolences & their love to you all. This is a time of rejoicing but also great sadness. I have lost a dear friend in Lyn who was such an encourager,caring & such a heart for the Lord. The Gunn Family have great memories of our days in Ngaruawahia with the Harrison family at CYC. It was such a blessing to be able to spend that precious time in Brisbane when you were both passing through.Lyn was such an inspiration to me & I have such fond memories of times that Lyn, Robyn & I spent together & had fun of course:-) My thought & prayers are with you all at this time. May you ALL know God's Peace & amazing love. Lots of Love.... Marg Gunn & Family. x x

I like to think that entering heaven will be like this song. If it is both Ben and Lyn will be spending a long time being greeted by greatful people. I like to think of Lyn there beginning the process now. Thank You for Giving To The Lord Music & Lyrics by Ray Boltz I dreamed I went to Heaven, you were there with me. We walked upon the streets of gold beside the Crystal Sea. We heard the angels singing, then someone called your name. You turned and saw this young man, and he was smiling as he came. He said, "Friend you may not know me now," and then he said, "But wait - You used to teach my Sunday School, when I was only eight. And every week you would say a prayer before the class would start. And one day when you said that prayer, I asked Jesus in my heart." Chorus Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am a life that was changed. Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am so glad you gave. Then another man stood before you, he said "Remember the time, A missionary came to your church, His pictures made you cry. You didn't have much money but you gave it anyway. Jesus took that gift you gave And that's why I'm in Heaven today" Chorus Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am a life that was changed. Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am so glad you gave. One by one they came, far as your eyes could see. Each life somehow touched by your generosity. Little things that you had done, sacrifices that you made, They were unnoticed on this earth In Heaven now proclaimed. Chorus Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am a life that was changed. Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am so glad you gave. And I know up in Heaven you're not supposed to cry But I am almost sure there were tears in your eyes As Jesus took your hand and you stood before the Lord He said "My child look around you, Great is your reward." Chorus Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am a life that was changed. Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am so glad you gave, I am so glad you gave.

Dear Ben and family,
I have always considered our families inextricably linked after knowing you all for 65 years and parents so much longer (1916/7). We both hold you in our prayers, especially Ben.
It was a privilege to meet such a lovely lady as Lyn and although we are sad we know where she is and are glad that you all know too. We shall continue to uphold you in our prayers and those of our email prayer ring at Poulner Chapel. May you all be greatly blessed at this time and know the comfort of Our Lord. "Blessed are those that mourn for they shall be comforted".
I cannot say anything else but know that you will have lovely memories of her and she is in a much better place.
Love from us both,
Mary and Adrian.

Dear Ben And Family, We were so sorry to hear of Lyns passing into glory. What wonderful memories we have of such a wonderful caring loving lady. The years we spent at CYC she was such an encouragement to us and an awesome prayer. For the friendship and love she has shown to us and our kids has been such a blessing to us. We pray that God will be a real comfort to you all as a family through this time of sadness. Margaret and I would love to have been able to come to the funeral, but we are unable to at this time. Our love to you all. Bruce & Margaret

Ben, Shane, Craig, Darren and Cherie - I remember with great joy my first meeting with you all back in 1985. Lyn's quiet, gentle spirit and dedication to the Lord she loved so much stood out as a challenge to my life. Her service through Christian camping over 40 yrs is what commitment is all about. What a legacy to leave behind - lives touched with the gospel, in NZ and around the world. May God comfort & strengthen you all, now and in the days ahead. My love to you all.

My life changed in 1984-85 as my wife Sue and I spent 6 months with Ben, Lyn and the kids at CYC. The Lord did alot for me that 1/2 year, but truly the defining part of our time was watching and relating to Lyn. Seeing her tirelessly serve....when she was most certainly tired was the clearest picture of Jesus at the Last Supper that I have ever seen. Lyn served others consistently when she herself could have used service...just like Jesus. And this model was passed on as I have seen her children over the years from time to time. Servants of others, even in their own times of need. I have been so blessed to read the journal of her journey and yours. Filled with care for this precious daughter of our Lord who was blessed to be your mom and wife. Thanks for loving her to the end, as she loved you, as she was loved by her Savior. She is with Jesus face to face, but her legacy lives on in you all.

We rejoice with Lyn as she is with her Savior , but we grieve with you Ben and family as you adjust with the loss of such a great Wife , Mum and Grandmother. May you know the presence of the Father each day. Wayne and Jenni

Ben & Family, You and your family have always showed a Kindness and Love to me that I didn't understand in the beginning. Thanks Lyn you changed my Life. You took a special interest in a lost person, caring, sharing, praying and Loving me. I remember 16 years ago today making a phone call to you (at what most people would call an undesirable hour) from America to share the news I had become a Christian, the time didn't matter to either of you, it was what you had genuinely been praying for and were the first people in New Zealand to know. You have been such a faithful caring friend to me in every detail of my life and always there with a listening ear, smile, word of encouragement and wonderful hospitality. Prov 31:30. The guidence Lyn shared in my walk with Jesus she was my mentor and spiritual mum that I have always looked up too. Lyn will be sadly and deeply missed by many but especially me. Thank you for everything. Praise God you are now with the Jesus you loved and served so faithfully. Love Judi Colman

Dear Aunty Lyn. Thank you for all the scrumptious meals that you prepared for us at camps. We both thought you and Uncle Ben were the best and looked after us very well. Mat & Nat Adlam

Lyn is a very gracious person who has left us all far too soon. Her bright happy smile made us always welcome and we will miss her very much. Anne & Ron

Lynn was a shining example of a wonderful Godly woman. She was a great help to me when we lived along the road from the camp. Her helpful advice for me as a young Mum was very much appreciated. The little bunches of spring flowers and the caring concern in the tough times and the friendship she showed us over many years will not be forgotten. Ross appreciated her input into our childrens' lives through her time on the school committee. I had no idea that the day Lynn visited me a few months ago just before we went overseas would be the last time I would see her lovely smile this side of eternity. She will be hearing those words from her Lord and Saviour, "Well done, good and faithful servant...." May God's love surround you all today and in the hard days ahead. Love from Ross and Rosslyn

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending the Sistas conference and some of the speakers were talking about the vital need for 'Spiritual Mothers' and how important they are particularly for the next generation and then setting that generation up for the next generation. The influence of loving, caring Christian women is immense. I look at some of the tributes below and think of the influence Lyn has had as a 'Spiritual Mum' to so many who have passed her way. Lyn always took an interest in where you were in life and in your spiritual life and would encourage you and let you know she was praying for you. Lyn has left a legacy and challenge for us Christian women (and men cause boys need that 'Spiritual Father' just as much) to take up and continue on. Thanks God for such an awesome woman and the honour of having had her influence my life. My love, thoughts and prayers are with you all as you adjust to life with the cog of your family missing. Val McCullough

I met both Uncle Ben & Aunty Lyn at CYC camp. Aunty Lyn was a gentle, quietly spoken lady who never struggled to get the word of christ across. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time. Aunty Lyn has truely made her god proud, as also her family. Thank you again to the Harrison family for helping make such great childhood memories for me. God Bless Luv Nicky Bishell

Dear Ben, Shane and Michelle, Craig and Edelweiss, Cherie and Jeremy, Darren and Anna and Grandies. The Celebration of Lyn’s life was a lovely service for such a lovely person. We treasure every memory we have of Lyn and agreed with all those wonderful tributes that were shared about her. Sadly in the days ahead we are all going to miss her so much and will discover so many more special things about Lyn that were such a blessing to us. Jesus said Love one another – Lyn did this well! and we are so grateful for her love demonstrated in so many different ways. As you cherish your memories of a loving wife, wonderful praying Mother, caring Oma thank God for her often and allow the seeds of love that she planted in your lives to grow and be a blessing to others, just the way she did. We are blessed to have known Lyn as a personal friend and an encourager in the Christian Camping ministry and are so thankful for all her love, support and prayers. Yes, we will continue to pray for you, thank God for your faith, your work and your love, and that you will continue to be strong in your hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. Love and prayers, John and Shirley

Uncle Ben you had a wonderful wife and mother to your beautiful children. She was an amazing woman who filled many roles at CYC and in the community. Her gentle nature and her welcoming smile will be sadly missed as will her wonderful ability of spreading the message of Jesus her saviour. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family from Suzanne, Philip, Joan and Cambell Snook.

This is the words to a song I wrote for my Nana. These words remind me so much of Aunty Lyn - such a special lady to so many! What a huge loss for those who love her but such a huge gain for the heavenlies! Hope they are of some comfort to you Uncle Ben & family, Love Jodi It's time to say goodbye, I knew this day would one day come You were such a precious part of my life, you weren't just anyone, although it's so hard to say goodbye, to a friend whom I treasure and love, I wipe the tears from my eyes as I thank God for giving new life. Jesus has come just like He promised He would to take you home - God's good and faithful servant, He's carried you home. No more tears and no more pain, you no longer feel the sadness and sorrow that this world can bring, but you can now touch the face of God and walk the streets of gold and hear the angels, hear the angels sing! Although I'll miss you oh so much, you'll be in my heart always and forever, the tears keep falling as I say goodbye, but thankyou for being in my life! I wish I could go and be with you, in heaven with Jesus and the angels too, it's hard for those who are left behind but because of my faith in Jesus, I'll be with you again sometime! Jesus has come just like He promised He would to take you home, God's good and faithful servant, He's carried you home!

Moving to Nga in 1980 and joining Ben and Lyn and the Harrison crew at the Baptist Church was brilliant. I still don't know how many Harrisons you can fit into a Bambina though. Lyn's smile, warmth, laugh, hospitality, faith and faithfulness will always be treasured. Those 10 years of church, youth group and many CYC camps with Ben and Lyn and the family were important for my faith and growth. CYC is such an important ministry for kids and a brilliant training ground for leaders. Thanks Ben and Lyn and family for your faithfulness in this mission. Your lives are very well lived and pleasing to God. As Lyn joins that "great cloud of witnesses" her smile and warmth and faith and faithfulness remain to inspire and comfort. Thinking of and praying for you all at this very sad time.

So sad you have gone... well happy for you, but sad for us. You touched thousands of lives over the years and impacted generations. I met you as a young leader in the 70s then you reached out to my foster daughter, and then to her son, my grandson.He gave is heart to Jesus at CYC and is in Thailand with Headspace today doing the same for other children so he could not be with us to celebrate your life and heavenly graduation. His love for God and CYC is a testament to the seeds you sowed as you reflected Jesus so clearly in your life. You were the epitome of the christian wife and mother whom we all aspired to emulate. You set the bar so gloriously high but we are the better for it. You let your light soooo shine - and we give the glory to God.Thank you Aunty Lyn for the inspirational example you were. We weep with those who weep and will remember them in our prayers. Bless you Harrison Family. Berneece and Josh Tait

The service on Friday was beautiful. We were also inspired that the family are all dedicated christians - so great to see! When we went to Huntly Baptist - Lyn helped us feel really welcome. She invited us to lunch and gave us the traditional weeks notice and hot cooked meal! She also added the special touch of doing home baking and quietly giving us the extra muffins to take home! It was during the days that Ben and Lyn ran CYC camp that I gave my heart to God. I am so grateful for the love and service they provided in helping make that place a cherished memory in my life. (Colette) May God surround you in his love, Ben and know that with God, there is always hope. Godbless Andrew and Colette

When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becoms a treasure. Say not in grief"she is no more" But in thanfulness"that she was" What a lovely service it was for Lyn - avery special tribute to a very special lady

How sad I was to hear the news. I first met Lyn and Ben beside the swimming pool at Stoney Ridge, a Scripture Union centre in S Africa in 1990. Ben and Lyn were there with John and Shirley Baker representing CCI/New Zealand, while Lorimer Gray and I were there for the UK. What a smile! That's how I'll always remember Lyn. Always so supportive of Ben and always there with words of encouragement for anyone who needed them. Mind you, we needed more than words of encouragement in 1965, when we were all at Waikanae at the CCI International Forum and gathered round the TV to watch the All Blacks thrash England at rugby! The family photo on your homepage shows that Lyn's smile has been passed on down the generations. And I'm sure that there's more smiles in Heaven now that Lyn's there. Remember that smile as you weep, and thank God for it.

Ben I have just seen the 'order of service' and seeing Nettie's name of course brough back even more CYC memories. The words of the first song resonated so strongly "It is well, it is well with my soul". I trust all is well with your soul at a deep level at this time of possibly indescribable loss. It reminded me of another REALLY OLD hymn that we have found ourselves singing recently: O Love that wilt not let me go, I rest my weary soul in thee; I give thee back the life I owe, that in thine ocean depths its flow may richer, fuller be. O Light that followest all my way, I yield my flickering torch to thee; my heart restores its borrowed ray, that in thy sunshine's blaze its day may brighter, fairer be. O Joy that seekest me through pain, I cannot close my heart to thee; I trace the rainbow through the rain, and feel the promise is not vain, that morn shall tearless be. O Cross that liftest up my head, I dare not ask to fly from thee; I lay in dust life's glory dead, and from the ground there blossoms red life that shall endless be. Words: George Matheson, 1882 Music: St. Margaret, Consecration, Wyke Thinking of you, Mavis Duncanson

Gregg Hunter, CEO and President of CCCA (Formerly Christian Camping International/USA) has given me, former President of CCCA, the honor of expressing our sincere condolensces on the passing of Lyn...truly a servant of God. While many of these tributes will be from friends who attended CYC and others from your friends and colleagues who served with you in establishing and growing CCI/New Zealand, we wanted to add our expressions of love and gratitude for the ways in which you served Christian Camping around the world. We are indebted to you both. While you held the positions, Ben, there was no doubt that the spirit of encouragment and gentle compassion was given by Lyn to make you a dynamic couple in God's service. Whether it was flipping pancakes side by side at camp, or taking another International trip to serve as a leader in Christian camping, your committment was, as a couple, noticed by us all I know the grief and memories flood your soul, so we trust that God's grace will be sufficient to sustain you and the family until we shall see Him and once again embrace those who have gone before us. We love and appreciate you, Ben, for all that you have meant and continue to mean to Christian camping worldwide!

Missing you so much. Even knowing you are with us spiritually is not enough. Love you Aunty Lyn!

Ben, Shane, Craig, Cherie, Darren and your families, A light has gone out in my heart today...I am so sorry for your loss...Lyn was a truly special and beautiful soul! I'm trying to think of a way of describing her and I keep coming up with "earth angel". I can still see the kindness in her eyes and the warmth in her smile. Twenty three years ao you all welcomed me into your family for a year as your American daughter, sister, and friend. I have so many treasured memories of you all. Lyn lived her life with such a source of strength and beauty, like the ebb and flow of the never ending tides. She was always there for everyone whether is was morning tea or afternoon tea she welcomed all who happened to be at camp that day. I remember her teaching me to make meusli for 100 people one day...who can do that? She hiked up the mountains every year with all of the young I was struggling to climb, she seemed to float up and up the mountain, steady and calm. I have a beautiful photograph of Ben & Lyn walking hand in hand down the mountain...they gave strength to each other. Lyn was also quick to smiles and laughter. She loved her family and always put them first. In the evenings I remember her sewing a skirt for Cherie (the white one with lace) or helping Darren with homework, or making a delicious Pavlova cake for the hungry male brood. Kindness, gentleness, courage, strength of character, bold faith, contentment...these are the things she carried with her and the things she gave so freely to all of us. Even in her passing, her light will shine brighter in all of our hearts and minds as we carry her with us through life's journey. Peace and love be with you all, Kathy, Ken & Emil Erickson

Your visit to our home last January was long anticipated. Little did the time then seem to be so limited. Now we think back over the numerous occasions, remembering the times and places you added your gracious touch. Your thoughtful care for us when we arrived ill was especially appreciated. Welcoming us as a part of your family at Christmas really touched us. Making us feel so at home at Yuletime with your parents made us feel so comfortable. Your sharing us with your botanist friend Audrey Eagle was remarkable. Forwarding our mail to the many destinations throughout your country was a labor of love much appreciated. Your devotion to Ben and your family was clearly visible for all to see. Most of all, your commitment to Christ made clear the reason for your loving care for God’s children at the many camp occasions when you went beyond the call of duty to help. We honor your faithful and loving devotion.