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Pain medication under control

Tonight I can report that Mum's pain medication seems to be working better & now her pain is under control.

She is still quite nauseous  at the moment so we are hoping that the medication for that will be under control shortly.

Right now due to Mum being quite tired, Dad is cutting back on visitors. It sounds like we are back at camp, but please make sure you have a booking before visiting! 

New medication

A note from Dad:

We are working out the pain relief and the side affects of sleepiness at the moment and Mum spends a lot of time resting so visits are very limited.

Call to Prayer

Dear friends of Lyn and Ben Harrison and families, 

Oncology results

From Ben:

The visit to the oncology department was this morning, with an honest well thought-of Oncologist.

There will be no treatment as Lyn is so weak. Life expectancy is 2-4 months, so we know that only a miracle from God, through whatever means, will give a cure.

But we know God's peace amidst the tears.

Oncology appointment

We were blown away to hear that Mum's appointment is booked in for next Monday (16th).


A number of people have mentioned that they would like to visit Mum.

That is great, visitors give her something to look forward to, however they do tire her out.

Please call Dad before you visit and book it in.

Mum's health

Dad has asked me to let people know that after 10 days of tests in Hospital Mum has cancer of the liver and lungs.

A New Chapter

This year has been full of changes as we decided that the time was right to move to the USA. The primary reason for our shift is the career opportunities that this would provide for Craig, but it also allows us to be closer to Edelweiss’ family and gives them an opportunity to meet Ethan.

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