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Craig Harrison - Technology Strategy Consultant

Career Focus

My goal is to change the world for good.  This is what motivates me - making a positive difference in the world through management consulting.  I believe that by helping businesses and not-for-profit organisations operate more effectively, the world will be a better place because:

  • more jobs, and more fulfilling jobs, will be created;
  • people’s lives will be improved through increased employment;
  • those with meaningful employment will have greater hope for the future;
  • people with greater hope for the future will be more at peace with themselves and with others.

Can management consultants really help to reduce poverty and prevent war?  Sounds like a lofty goal, but to me it’s a goal worth pursuing.  The proof is in the results.

Complementing my consulting work is involvement with Grow Volunteer Consulting.  Grow provides pro bono assistance to small businesses in Africa through volunteer consultants who undertake projects by phone and email.  At an average cost of US$100 per project, the first 40 projects undertaken through this organisation resulted in:

  • 100 new jobs created;
  • 20% average increase in profitability.

With results like this, it sounds to me as if consultants are already changing the world for good.

Technology Strategy Consultant

I am an experienced and qualified consultant with a background in engineering, manufacturing, IT and business, and serve clients as a technology strategy consultant through my own company, Quadradix.  My expertise lies in strategic planning and leading businesses to improve company performance particularly in the areas of technology, operations, strategy and management innovation.

I am now looking for a new challenge in which I can use my strategic planning skills.

I am looking for a full-time position, based in the USA, with a management consulting firm and would welcome any enquiries.  I am currently located in Minneapolis MN but am open to relocation anywhere within the USA.  Please contact me via my LinkedIn page or directly by email to discuss how I can bring value to your team.


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Research Paper – Consulting Over the Horizon

If you have an interest in management consulting, you will want to read my research paper: “Consulting Over the Horizon: Perspectives on the future of management consulting.”

In this report I investigate and comment on the impact of current market and social turmoil on the future prospects for consulting, including a discussion of sustainability concerns.  I conclude the paper by providing recommendations to consultancies on how they can best prepare to take advantage of opportunities that will arise.

Consulting Over the Horizon - Executive Summary    Consulting Over the Horizon - Executive Summary

Consulting Over the Horizon - Full Report    Consulting Over the Horizon - Full Report