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London roundup

Well our second day in London was a little less full - but we still had a great day and walked miles.
We headed to the British Museum and spent most of the day there. We got caught in the rain getting there but only got a little damp & soon dried out.
The exhibits were amazing & we caught the Egyptian guided tour so that was great as well.
By time we left the sun was out and we walked home past Hyde Park & wandered through Speakers Corner during a "God vs Jesus vs Muhammad" debate - very noisy & interesting!
The next day was our last in London & Anna already wrote this out, so I'll just let her tell you what happened.
"Yesterday we went to see the Tower bridge and the Tower of London, although we didn't go in because Darren had already seen them on his previous trip. Then we went to St James Park and St James church.  There were two girls practicing the violin and piano at the church so we sat down and listened for a while.  St James Palace is where Charles lives so we went there and I had a photo with a guard which embarrassed Darren somewhat.  We walked to Trafalgar Square and had lunch sitting under the great statue of Nelson, the hero of the English. 

Then hoped on a train and after getting lots of different directions from the train people found ourselves at Jonathan and Lindas!  In the end it was a 10year old boy on the train who was the most useful!  He was on the train because he had been suspended from using his school minibus because of not wearing his seat belt, which he adamantly denied!  We today we are off to see Leeds castle and visit Auntie Joy and Julie I think."
Yes, today we had a great day at Leeds Castle, before a drive heading to Tenterdon where Anna's grandmother lived, where we had fish & chips for lunch. To finish the day, Anna & I went for a walk up to the local village of West Malling.
It's been a great day!