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We have well and truely settled into Versailles now, am staying right in the heart of the city, 20min to Paris and maybe a 5 min bike ride into Versailles. We came here because Sara recommended it but really had no idea what to look for! So on the first day we completely missed the chateau and focused instead on having a delicious french lunch. Lucky for us, this time our waiter spoke a little english and combined with sign language we were able to order knowlegably from the menu. The second day, yesterday, we had a good look around. Took the bikes down for the first time and went for a mammoth ride from 10.30 till nearly 4. Versailles is where the french kings (Louis etc...) had their court. It is huge, totally grand and spectactular. We stayed in the gardens because of our bikes, but they were so vast that there was plently to look at. Beautiful anvenues of trees and hedges, water features etc... We took a simple pique-nique and sat by the banks of the grand cannel. Today we are heading back for a look into Marie Antoinettes Estate which is in the chateau grounds. She built herself another palace to escape the strict rules of the french court and get up to all the frivellous things history tells us about. I (anna) am really excited to be here, the actual place mentioned in so many books and movies. Just before we left home i started reading Scaramuche which is all about the french revolution. Thanks Sara.