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Guernsey Island part two

We got up early and made our way to St Malo, easily finding the ferry terminal. The trip over was quick & direct to Guernsey & we were the first car to get off.

As we've come to expect the four days here have been bright & sunny - we don't quite believe the 'locals' when they say it isn't always like this!
Saturday was spent on the Island of Sark. We had a great trip over there on a very fast boat (dual 8.1L V8 engines!!!), kindly taken out for the day by one of Jordan's friends. Usually you spend the day on bicycles or horse drawn carriages, but we got there a little late and for some reason the bikes were no longer being hired out. So we walked across the island (not that it was very far) for an amazing lunch at a lovely spot on the lawn of a restaurant & hotel.
After a leisurely lunch, we walked on to a very high causeway between Big Sark & Little Sark which was built during the war. We then wandered back to the boat through hedge lined paths. Sark doesn't have any real roads due to the fact they don't have any cars. Only tractors, bikes and horses are permitted.
The next day was a day at the beach. We took Jordan & Hannah's kayaks and the water was very calm for exploring around some bays. We had a picnic on the beach and lazed in the sun shine, while Jordan & Darren diverted a small stream into some near by rock pools - it was a masterpiece of engineering!
We also had a look at the German military museum, with lots of information about Guernsey's occupation during the war.
Today we moved out of the van and tidied up while Jordan was at work. Then he took us on some more sightseeing around lane ways, and the reservoir before the underground hospital opened and we had a good look around the huge hospital built completely underground during the war and barely used until D-Day.
We then went down for ice creams at the beach, enjoying the view & the sun.
Now it is back home and a final Jordy BBQ before we head off to Ireland tomorrow morning.