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Christmas Update 2012

Another few months have flown past and its time to summarize the highlights from the last 6 months!  Craig’s Dad (Opa to his grandchildren) and his sister Cherie came to visit in October for Jesse’s 1st birthday!  We had a lovely time together and went to Taylor's Falls for a picnic then back home for a lovely tea. Jesse had his first taste of ice cream and seemed to like it although it was cold! J  Jesse started walking right around this time so Opa and Auntie Cherie were able to see some of his first steps.  We had a lovely time while they were here and managed to fit in bush walks, playground time, train riding, lots and lots of reading, singing grace at mealtimes and even some shopping (much to Opa’s chagrin)!


We’ve taken turns looking after the boys as Edelweiss has had an opportunity to extend her strategy advisory work at Capstone with projects in a few new industries including corporate training and the clean energy sector.  She was also invited by her former co-authors to write a chapter for a new research handbook on women in international management (WIM) which they are editing.  Her chapter will focus on WIM from Argentina, Brazil and Chile, which is an emerging research field.


Craig joined a local Toastmasters group and has been developing his public speaking/presentation skills through their regular meetings.  He continues to research sustainable businesses for our blog.  If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out at: Craig has enjoyed the extra time with the boys and taken the chance to get Ethan started on learning to write.  He’s been able to spell quite a few words for some time and type them out on the computer but we hadn’t worked with him using the old pencil and paper method!  He now regularly spells his name, Jesse, Mom and Dad. =)


In addition to writing, Ethan loves riding his tricycle, playing and exploring outside, watching Youtube videos and reading.  Jesse seems to have taken a big leap in terms of his personality along with his walking.  He and Ethan regularly find comical things to laugh about (particularly during rest time) and he enjoys bringing books to Dad and Mom to read at all times of the day.  He tries his best to keep up with Ethan and has ended up with a few bumps and bruises as a result but doesn’t seem too fazed! The joys of having boys! =)

Wishing you all a very special Christmas time and a year full of blessing and fulfillment!

Lots of love,

Craig & Edelweiss, Ethan + Jesse