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Up the Road

Much has happened in our household over the past year, so time to bring you up to date with our news!

The biggest change is undoubtedly that we have been able to move into our own house.  In July 2015, we found a rental a few minutes’ walk from Edelweiss’ Mom’s place.  We have a guest room, so come and visit us!

Learning Times

The march of time cannot be arrested (despite Craig’s contention otherwise,) and so we find that school days are upon us.

Emma arrived

We now have a daughter, Emma Elizabeth arrived October 31st at 12:50, weighing slightly less than her brother at 9 pound 2 ounces, although almost as long.

She was in a hurry and even though we called the mid wife earlier this time we only had about 15 minutes at Waterford before she had arrived.

We've been busy over the last 3 or 4 months, but she is a lovely little girl, and BJ is becoming a great big brother keeping her amused & helping out with getting things we need.

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Change and Same

Three more books, a continental role and a big snowman. Read on to find out more!

Blink and the Summer is Gone!

It’s funny how weather is a regular topic of conversation when one lives in Minnesota!!  The summer months were very pleasant.  We enjoyed time outdoors, including playing in the Minnehaha Creek near Minnehaha Falls.  Ethan particularly liked the freedom to throw rocks into the water to make them splash!

After the Long Winter

We had snow this winter.  Lots of it.  For five months.  But it’s gone now.

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