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A New Chapter

This year has been full of changes as we decided that the time was right to move to the USA. The primary reason for our shift is the career opportunities that this would provide for Craig, but it also allows us to be closer to Edelweiss’ family and gives them an opportunity to meet Ethan.

So on 30 May, we flew out from Auckland via Los Angeles and Washington DC bound for Syracuse which is in upper New York state. We have been staying with Edelweiss’ sister and her family. Craig had been granted a US Immigration Visa (Green Card) before we left New Zealand, and is now applying for work. He is looking for a position in management consulting with a strategic focus, and we hope to be based in the Washington, DC area.

Ethan has recently turned one, and is growing up fast. He has handled the transition to the USA well and remains happy and healthy. His favourite toys at the moment are an empty tissue box and a yoghurt container!


We celebrated 4 July with a bonfire by a lake at a friend’s property, and there were plenty of other bonfires and fireworks around the lake which made it very picturesque. Craig insisted on watching the movie “Independence Day,” although he seemed surprised that it’s not the traditional custom over here!  It's more common to go to the baseball, which we managed to do a couple of weeks later.  And it was a good night to go, as the home team broke a nine-game losing streak and the evening finished with an impressive fireworks display.



We look forward to letting you know once we have news about Craig’s job.