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Our Family Expands

We are pleased to announce that our second son Jesse was born on 17 October 2011.  After being quite content to keep us in suspense for a long time, he finally made the move 9 days after his due date (so apologies to those who have been wondering – we were waiting for something to be able to tell you!)  He and Edelweiss are doing extremely well, and after a day to rest in the hospital while Edelweiss’ Mom looked after Ethan, we are back home and starting to establish a new routine.  Special thanks to Edelweiss’ sister Esther who provided wonderful support and assistance during labour and delivery.


For those interested in the details, Jesse was born at 8:18pm, weighing in at 3.81kg (8lb 6oz) and measuring 55cm (21.5in).  We chose the name because it means “the Lord will provide abundantly,” something that we have experienced recently and that we claim as a promise for Jesse’s life.

Ethan is very excited about his baby brother and has been very gentle with him.  He has been asking “Baby home?” for months now, and has quickly learnt to say Jesse’s name.

There are some photos on Jesse's photo page.

With our love

Craig & Edelweiss + Ethan + Jesse

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