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Summer-time in Minnesota

We are still in Minneapolis!  It is now a year since we moved here from Syracuse, and we have been able to take advantage of the many local activities available such as parks and playgrounds, the zoo, the Minnesota Children’s Museum, the orchestra, concerts and mosquito swatting.


The winter was unusually mild with very few heavy snowfalls.  There were some cold days, one in particular when the maximum was -23degC, so Craig had to go outside to experience what that kind of temperature felt like.  It was cold!  But before we knew it, spring had arrived and we are now well into summer.  It has been warm recently with one week reaching temperatures in the mid to high 30s and overnight lows of about 25deg.

Jesse is growing fast, and now at nine months is crawling and standing and trying to keep up with Ethan.  He is full of smiles (showing off his four teeth), sleeping well overnight and generally doing what children his age do.


Ethan has recently turned three years old and is becoming articulate and thoughtful.  He enjoys playing the piano, using his imagination, building towers and watching diggers and dump trucks.


We were glad to be in the area recently so that we could be part of Edelweiss’ Grandma Elaine’s 100th birthday party.  There are over 75 family members across five generations and most of us were at the party.

Craig has been making some good connections locally, particularly through being part of the Think IT association.  He has done some contract work and continues to be involved with volunteer consulting to small businesses in Africa, currently working on organisational strategy with a leadership and entrepreneurship programme for women and young people in Uganda.

Edelweiss is currently working with an M&A advisory firm on a couple of projects in the specialty chemicals and business training industries.  She’s had three academic research papers accepted for publication based on her Master’s thesis (Western women working in the UAE) and has recently been invited to submit a manuscript for a new research handbook; she will be writing about Latin American women in international business.  It will be interesting to see where these experiences lead in the future!

We trust that your year is going well, and would love to hear some news from you as well.  There are new photos on our website for you to enjoy.

With our love,

Craig & Edelweiss + Ethan + Jesse