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We've got a baby!


Anna started noticing something was happening late last night and after hanging around home for as long as she could we called the midwife who suggested we leave for the hospital pretty soon after she arrived at our house. We got there at about 2am and our little boy arrived at 2:39am, weighing 4.21kg or 9 pounds 5 oz. In answer to all of Anna's prayers, it was quick and complication free, thank you Lord.

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Scan 2


Well, yesterday was another scan day. The baby is too big to fit in one photo but we got to see interesting "pieces", the spine, the leg & foot bones & even got to see it opening & closing it's mouth and moving it's tongue around.

In the last couple of days we've both felt a few kicks which is very exciting!

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No Facebook


Since Facebook won't let you make an account for a baby that is yet to be born (or anyone under age 13 for that matter), here is some baby related stuff.

Yes we are expecting a baby, due some time near the end of Nov or early December.

On the 9th we heard the heartbeat, & on the 24th we got a scan with the photos below.

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