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The longest day


So after getting in to London we thought we would make the most of the day and look around. We made up for 30 hours of sitting by walking for the entire day. We took the underground to Leicester Square to try to find cheap show tickets but couldn't quite find what we wanted. We walked over to St Paul's Catherdral & ater lunch went in and did a great tour including walking up thousands of stairs to the very top of the tripple dome. Mental notes to look up Christopher Wren and have a bit more of a look at the history around the Battle of Waterloo at well. Then we walked past the Tait Modern (which really was as bad as I remembered) and along the river to the London Eye where we did the circuit for some great views of the city in the fading light with the city lights turning on. Then it was back to our B&B for some sleep. I checked the time in NZ before bed and it was 9:30am Monday morning - our "day" had started 50 hours earlier on Friday morning.