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The South West

So we spent our last day in the South East & had to catch the train back to London and then the coach to the South East - it seems all roads lead to London. We got to Ringwood (after enjoying the on bus free wifi!) to stay with our family friends the Voller's. A lovely couple who immediately took us on a tour of Ringwood and then a tour of their amazing garden looking out over the Avon. After a break they then took us to Christchurch where we saw the Priory (church), and the lovely wharf area as well. The day was perfect with some spring sun and an amazing evening but it does get chilly in the wind. Tomorrow for Anna's birthday we are going to Bath. You may think we are blogging a little too much at the moment but we are making use of wifi where we find it so I imagine it will be a bit harder when we are camping in Europe. For those that care the bluetooth keyboard is working great & giving new life to the old N95. Darren & Anna.