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Adventures on Guernsey Island

We arrived in Guernsey & it was great to catch up with Jordan after five years. We had 3 days of lovely sunshine which made the water sparkle and the flowers bloom. Jordan showed us all around the island, which included a visit to the smallest chapel in the world which was beautifully made out of pieces of china plates. The first day included a drive around the entire island, and an amazing meal of pork ribs. The second day was a trip to Herm Island, population 50, and a walk around the entire island. We saw lots of birds (but no puffins), rocks, a few cows and people walking giant goats. The day finished up with a fanastic Jordan Barber bbq special. A perfect end to a perfect day. Today we took the ferry to France and are sleeping beside the motorway with lorrys on either side of us. Goodnight.