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We woke after a good nights sleep and made our way into Luxembourg city (not to be confused with Luxembourg the country or Luxembourg the state in Belgium!!). We parked near the city and wandered along streets which were rather amazing because of the deep gully which ran through the town. The banks of which are the remains of a huge castle dating to 920AD. We stumbled across a market and had loads of fun buying food for lunch.

We made our way to Belgium, and had an early night at another rest area. Today we started with a gondola ride in Dinant. The citadelle is at the top of a cliff with a picturesque village below with a river running through it. At the bottom of the gondola ride was a Notre Dame catherdral (mental note: look up what "Notre Dame" means, they are everywhere!)

On our way to the Hoge Kempen National Park we made a wrong turn and ended up in Holland - only in Europe! There were bikes everywhere! Finally we made it to the National Park and had a lovely bike ride in the woods. Once again we have tired ourselves out and will sleep well tonight. We had prepared ourselves for the end of winter, however since getting to Europe the weather had been warm and sunny (except for two break days and one driving day). I (Darren) have been in t-shirt & shorts.