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After sleeping on the outskirts of Brussles we made our way to the village of Eeklo, where a guide book told us of a lovely Provincial domain and aboretum. We arrived to find that the next two days were to be a Rhododendron Festival, so we got in early, although the Magnolia trees stole the show being in full bloom. We went for a walk around the wood and then picked up the bikes and went for an hour ride which included riding along a canal and through some farm lands. This took the greater part of the day which left us to find a camp ground for tonight. The plan was to find somewhere and catch the bus to Brugge but after finding a campsite we were surprised to discover Brugge is only a 15min ride away! So that is our plan for tomorrow. After reading the tourist information we think Brugge may all be about Fries (invented here), Chocolate and Waffles. One of the great things about bike riding in Europe is that people don't seem to wear helmets. Which makes riding a lot more pleasant, and there are lots of bike paths in some places (especially closer to Holland). Also lots of big cities have a bike hiring system where you pick up a bike from one place and park it at another. We imagine it could be very useful. After being in the car for long drives, it's great to get out on the bikes for a ride, we're very glad we could borrow them too!