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Ireland Ring of Kerry

Well today was Darren's day so you don't really need to ask what we did. That's right we drove. After another great breakfast we went across to Killarny on the other coast of Ireland which took all of an hour, then we drove around the lovely Ring of Kerry stopping to look at waterfalls, amazing views over sea and valleys and we even took a couple of minor (really minor!) roads over passes - mostly single lane only just wider than the car. The landscape for the whole day has been rocky. Farmland littered with stones of all sizes. The paddocks seem so full of rock and tussock grass there hardly seemed room for anything else. In the passes there were rugged rock faced mountains all around us similar to Queenstown. It was truly worth a look.

I saw a sign today which I meant to comment on after France. A deer warning on the road. Despite there being deer warning signs almost continously through France, we didn't see a single one. I think they were making it up. I also need to comment on Ireland's road numbering. They love numbering their roads. This is usually quite helpful however they may have gone a bit overboard, as we came to quite a number of intersections where all three roads leaving the junction were the same number - this turns from helpful to total confusion. Today as we were driving we had some spots of rain. We haven't had this before on this trip, so maybe we'll go home now. Tomorrow we head to London, the next day we'll start the journey home.