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Call to Prayer

Dear friends of Lyn and Ben Harrison and families, 

As we all know Lyn is not in very well right now and as I had been wondering and praying for them all there seemed to be a  "God Moment" where it came to me that I could send an email to encourage people to pray at 1.0pm on Sunday 22nd Aug.   Not only Sunday; how do you feel about remembering them all before God's great throne of Grace at 1.0pm everyday.  I know for some it wont be a good time and that is okay, perhaps if you suggest another time there will be others who can join you then.  Lyn said to me recently that we pray through all this it will honour and glorify the name of Jesus Christ.  Also from Robyn that Lyn and Ben and families would know the Peace of God which passes all understanding will keep their hearts and minds through Jesus Christ. 

If others would like to add their prayer requests and suggestions for Lyn and Ben, please pass them on.  When you receive this email it would be really good to send it on to others whom you know that know the Harrisons. 

Thanks very much,  Gods blessings and love be with you all  

Judy Chrystall